CS Extension | False Profile V2 for Photoshop CS5 and CS6 by Giuliana Abbiati

A Photoshop extension to automate the creation and the assignment of false RGB profiles with low or high gamma.



False Profile V 2.0 is a Photoshop CS5 and CS6 panel. This release brings new features and refinements to the process of assigning false profiles.

This version works in conjunction with the PPW Tools 2 panel presented by Dan Margulis at the Photoshop World convention in Washington DC, March 2012.

The PPW Tools 2 panel can load the False Profile V 2.0 panel as an option.

All the option windows were re-designed and new features were inserted. The new panel is easier to use, and can be launched even on Lab and CMYK documents.

The new panel also implements preferences which allows to automatically assign a pre-selected workspace to untagged documents and to add a Curves Adjustment Layer in Multiply Blend Mode.


The False Profile/Multiply technique | By Davide Barranca

Go to The “False Profile/Multiply” technique | By Davide Barranca>

An interesting article from our blog on application of False Profiles for tonal corrections, combined with the recent add of the masked Multiply step. It’s used to equalize the luminosity of pictures that contain at the same time very bright and dark areas, and/or to recover detail in there.





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Download the installer (Mac/Win) for CS5 or CS6
Developed by Giuliana Abbiati.

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